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Join the club for all Gacha refrigerators Gacha Club (formerly known as Gacha Life 2) is the highlight of many of Luna’s games. They combined elements from Gacha World, Gacha Resort and Gacha Life to create a top-notch RPG. Elements of role-playing games, battles and mini-games complement his robust character creation system. With over 100 characters and 600 poses you start the fun with your own anime avatars. All customization options are 100% free! Unlimited customization options When you’re at the Gacha Club, you automatically get 10 characters ready for the studio. They will be displayed on the left, while the options for editing and saving characters are on the right. They allow you to replace the active avatar with one of the saved ones. You see that there are 90 other main characters or locations. They can change later as you progress through the game. Other settings are at the bottom of the head for other Lunima games, you can create scenes with 10 of your characters. They have to come from the main characters in order to be drawn. Also, you can activate only one scene at a time. Gacha Club fixes this by allowing you to save scenes and upload them later. When you’re ready to create a scene, tap the avatar to set them; Additional information can be added via the Items and Pets options. You can add an unlimited number of items, but you can only add pets one at a time, except for pets that were associated with the avatar during character creation. Other contributions to your characters are their history, favorite combat units, favorite club and decorative titles. The story option creates chat options for the characters shown at all; Fight! Players can now fight at the Gacha Club! It has a concept similar to Gachaverse, but this time waves are available so you can defeat multiple enemies at the same time. Your pets also receive a variety of items: neutral, watery, fiery, dark,damaged, light and cosmic.
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They give you a chance to win bonus points or prizes because each element has its own; Most battles at the Gacha Club are quick and easy. Like turn-based games, the characters will automatically fight each other. This cycle is repeated until one side is defeated. Keep in mind that as all the warriors fight, their bar of flaws (seen from the right) will gradually increase. Your warriors can use this property to control their abilities and special requirements; You can view the character’s capabilities in the Devices section. Each of them has an active and a passive ability. This encourages you to create a team that has a balanced set of powerful active abilities as well as the ability to earn passive bonuses. You will find their skills at the far left of this section, so you can compare and contrast them with everyone; Create your own sweet world! Gacha Club is a game suitable for anime fans. This casual game allows you to create your own stories and characters through a wide selection of accessories, outerwear and chat options. You can also win against other characters in the Abe battle of the elements. The only downside to fighting is that it doesn’t support multiplayer. There is also no social media function in which you can communicate with others;.

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