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Joining the Gacha Life Club (formerly known as Gacha Life 2) is the highlight of many Lunime games. They include items from Gacha World, Gacha Resort and Gacha Life to make the game the most advanced to play. Features from RPGs, battles and mini -games help a consistent system to create characters. With over 100 characters and 600 poses, you can start the party with your anime style avatar. All settings are 100% free! Unlimited Personalization When you arrive at Gacha Club, you will find 10 characters ready for the studio. They appear on the left, and editing and saving options appear on the right. They allow you to change an avatar that was once one of the saved avatars. You will see that there are 90 extra spaces or capital letters per base. They can be changed later as your game progresses. Some settings are under the main for other Lunime games, you can create a picture with 10 of your characters. They must appear in the main character’s section before you can drag them. In addition, you can activate only one location at a time. Gacha Club fixes this by allowing you to save curtains and download them later. When you are ready to create a scene, click on the avatar to place it; You can add more details using Favorite Items and Options. You can add an unlimited number of items, but you can only add pets at a time, not including pets attached to the avatar when you create a character. Other additions to your character are stories, favorite units, favorite clubs and decoration names. Story options create chat settings for visually appealing characters; Compete! Players can now fight at Gacha Club! It has the same concept as Hachavers, but this time waves are available, so you can defeat more than one enemy at a time. Your pet will also receive a variety of items, such as: Neutral, Water, Fire, Darkness, Destruction, Light and Space. They give you a chance to receive a token of appreciation or reward, because everything has its place; A large number of battles in Gacha are quick and easy. Like turn -based games, characters will switch to battle automatically. This cycle is repeated until one side fails. Keep in mind that when all the heroes are fighting, the score of which you (shown right) will increase gradually. Your fighters can use this property to control their skills and special requests; You can try out character skills in the Unit section. Each of them has working and visual skills. This encourages you to create a team that has good skill set, as well as the ability to help yourself with passing bonuses. You will be able to see their abilities in the far left of this section so you can compare and contrast each other; Create your own beautiful world! Gacha Club is a game suitable for anime fans. This casual game lets you create your own story and character with a large selection of accessories, outerwear and chat options. You can also win against other characters in epic object battles. The only downside of the battle is that it doesn’tshare the status of most players. It also doesn’t have a social networking service where you can share with others;

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