I like big exercise and I cannot lie.

If you know me at all, then you have heard me say that magical word, “Zumba” about a zillion times.  I am a bit obsessed.  I mean, seriously, I think I have a problem.  There has to be a support group for people like me.  I teach Zumba now three to four times a week and have a training session to learn choreography almost every weekend since we are able to learn virtually.  I mean really, I caught my son humming a belly-dance rhythm the other day.   He didn’t know all the words yet, but was making some up!  The good news is I am losing weight and moving my body.  Both of these things will help my headaches.  I am not saying you need to be me with this sort of obsession-level commitment, but you need to get up and move.

You can play team sports.  You can dance to the radio.  Wait for it…. You can clean your room!!  Okay, okay.  I won’t go crazy but it is a type of activity, you know.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just move!!

You can turn it into a family affair and walk the dog after dinner.  Or take a full weekend day and hike a nearby trail.  Play football in the yard or do downward dog on a Sunday.

All of these activities cause your body to make endorphins which are natural painkillers.  So, not only does exercise help your heart, lungs, and muscles; but also, your headaches.  Right now you are probably thinking I am crazy because you have a busy schedule, and just how are you supposed to squeeze in exercise?  It does not have to be a marathon or even 90 minutes of hot yoga.  Even just a few minutes a day will start to add up for your health.  Plus, I bet once you do a few minutes, you will be so happy you will want to do a few more.  The one good thing this pandemic has given us is the gift of virtual exercise.  So, you can try anything you want right from your own home.  No embarrassment to be had.  So, branch out and try something new!  Remember, when you are stressed, exercise is often one of the last things you should take off of your to-do list.  So, here’s to getting moving!!

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