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Road Rash

Free Motorcycle Racing Game For PCRoad Rash is a free Motorcycle Racing Game developed by Electronic Arts. Here the players are set against other runners. The goal is to complete the race without leaving the track. The only thing is that other players have to beat you to get you out of the race. Of course, you can knock them back to make them tilt the outcome is a PC port in the popular 90’s racing game of the same title. With that, do not expect the realistic graphics offered by a game like MotoGP. The technical aspects also (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); SpeedRoad Rash does not have to give you control over a motorcycle racer whose goal is to be the best racer no matter what. As well as games of the same genre, you get a basic cycle. You also get $ 1000 to upgrade your bike with different speeds, steering and weights. You can choose to keep it until you have enough to buy a new and better one. It is better to save your money because you may need them because the game has different levels. To advance to the next level, your runner must be one of the first four runners to cross the finish line. It will not be easy because the horizontal track will be full of tight turns, ramps, hills and other obstacles. Not only that, but your opponent will also be physically winning. You can find your runners punched, beaten and to be fair you can do the same to them. When you win more races, you will also get clubs and chains. You can use these objects to beat your opponents and knock them off their bikes. Be careful not to get hit. Enough damage and your damage meter runs out, forcing you to lose the game and start with the desperate cops. . Instead, blow, blow and blow allows you to reach your winning goal. However, that is not all there is to this game. You still have to think about if you want to move on to the next one, for every hit you take you will damage your bike. When your damage bar is exhausted, you can no longer participate in the game. In addition, you have to pay for repairs. This is why, when you have enough money, make sure your current bike is resistant to damage. Even better, buy a motorcycle that can withstand heavy hits and the only thing you need to fear is the police. Yes, this game comes with a police officer who will make you stop participating in the race. If you break your bike near their station, they will stop you and fine you to save you. Failure to pay the fine will end your game and cause you to lose your mind. Overall, Road Rash is a racing game unlike any other. The game takes a more tactical approach to its gameplay than speed. It also allows you to consider different elements of each session, including terrain, attacks and even your abilities. The graphics are not on par with similar games today, but it’s really fun for both casual and experienced players.

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