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The Vigil 2019

The man, who oversees the overnight surveillance of a deceased member of his former Orthodox Jewish community, has come across a malicious first figure in author’s debut film Keith Thomas.
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Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, Malky Goldman | In the Hasidic communities of Boro Park in Brooklyn, a desperate young man with no faith and no resources is reluctant to take responsibility for the twilight of the night and the Jewish practice of guarding the corpse of a deceased member of the Orthodox community. If only in the company of a recently deceased and restless widow expresses secret reservations about the man’s ability to perform this task, he will soon fall into terrible anxiety within the claustrophobic boundaries of the home, which has become a harmful community. In essence, Dave Davis’s one-man show is deeply influenced by his suspicious performance as a caregiver and radiates an empathic combination of worn-out nerves and modest fatigue. During this incredible night, his revival will gradually become an outrageous spiritual exploration of both his cursed environment and his unhappy past – a journey where the depths of the collective trauma of his society lie …

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