Water, Water Everywhere and 64 oz to drink


64 oz. 2 L. Eight 8oz glasses. It is a simple concept. Drinking this much water a day will help to keep your migraines at bay. If you are active then you really should try to drink closer to 3 L a day. It seems like this should be an easy thing for all people to do but I have this conversation daily. There are some people that are already drinking this much but there are many that admit it is a struggle. It does not matter if you drink it all in the morning and the evening or in small sips throughout the day. Just do it. Not only will it make your migraines better, but it will make you feel better overall. Your skin will look more radiant and resilient. You will have more energy. Your kidneys may not look shiny and new but they, too will appreciate the flow of water.

Water is best but at the very least you need to drink non-caffeinated drinks. Caffeine is a diuretic. What does that mean? It makes you pee. Therefore, for every drop you drink you are wasting some of that precious water you took all that time to drink. Now, believe me, no one will take away my morning cup of coffee, but I try to limit it to one drink a day and drink a little extra water to make up for it. My mood will be better and my family will thank you for allowing me this caffeine!

Juice can be useful in small amounts but you want to be careful about the amount of sugar that are in these drinks. The same can be said for the electrolyte drinks named for certain Florida colleges and their friends. The extra electrolytes can be helpful for those times when you exercise and sweat but you don’t want to make them your only source of intake. They are loaded with sugar which burns quickly when you are exercising but not so much when you are watching your favorite movie for the 18th time on the couch. So, I am not asking for much and the benefits to you will far outweigh the difficulty remembering 2L a day. It is a simple thing you can do for your head and your overall health. So, drink up!!!

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