Our office is open, seeing patients both in person and via telehealth based on patient / family preference. We are able to safely provide all procedures (SPG, Nerve Blocks, Infusions, and Botox) as needed to our patients. We are limiting the number of people in our office in the case of a pediatric patient to no more than two parents, and for our adult patient, one adult to accompany. All patients, parents, guardians, visitors to the clinic, etc. MUST WEARA MASK at all times covering both mouth and nose. Staff will always wear a mask during interactions with patients and their families. Patient appointments are staggered to allow for rooms to be alternated. This permits adequate time for exam / procedure rooms to be disinfected between patients. There is no waiting in the vestibule or waiting area permitted at the current time. In addition to exam and procedure rooms, the entry vestibule, waiting area, hard and soft surfaces are sanitized at the start of the day, and after each patient. Hand sanitizer is available in all rooms of the clinic.

Coronavirus Screening Questions

For in-person appointments, we ask you please notify the office if you have traveled outside your immediate area within the last 10 days prior to your appointment. You may be asked to convert the appointment to telehealth or reschedule to protect other patients and the staff. We also ask for patients and anyone that may accompany the patient, if they know they have had exposure to the virus, have tested positive in the 10 days prior to the appointment or are feeling ill in anyway, or feverish to please convert the appointment to telehealth or ask to be rescheduled to a safer time. Again, this is for the protection of the other patients and the staff.


If your appointment is for a SPG, you are expected to keep your mask in place until instructed by the doctor to lower it to below your nose for the procedure. If your appointment is for a Trigeminal Block, Occipital Nerve Block, Botox Injections or IV infusion Therapy, you will be required to keep your mask on, and in place appropriately for the duration of the procedure. You are always welcome to contact our office with specific questions or concerns 804.658.5385