Dr. Alison Alford is a board certified pediatric neurologist, the only board certified pediatric headache specialist in the state of Virginia. She completed her residency in both pediatrics and pediatric neurology at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been in practice in the Richmond area for over five years and has worked at two of the major health systems in the area. Dr. Alford is currently on the board of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia.  


The Pediatric Headache Center of Richmond exists to provide progressive, medically advanced, and quality care to Virginia’s pediatric headache suffers, as well as to support the patients and their families on the journey of living with headaches. The center is a comprehensive headache clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients from birth to twenty one years old using medical and alternative therapies; working with patients and their families to improve treatments and limit emergency care visits.  

Dr. Alford talks about Neurofeedback Training

In a second interview with Jessica Noll of Virginia This Morning, Dr. Alford talks about Neurofeedback Training at the Pediatric Headache Center and how it is utilized in diagnosing and treating headache or concussion symptoms.  

Dr. Alford talks about the Pediatric Headache Center

In an interview with Jessica Noll of Virginia This Morning, Dr. Alford talks about the concept behind Pediatric Headache Center and how a specialist is so important in diagnosing headache or concussion symptoms.


“My husband and I want to thank you for seeing our daughter on Thursday, March 24, 2016.  You were very patient, very attentive, and actively engaged in the discussion, diagnosis, and treatment of our daughter’s headaches/migraines.  We have been dealing with these issues for several years now, and think we have landed — finally– at the right physician’s office.” Rebecca L Richmond, VA


“Watching your child suffer from headaches every day for five years, after seeing the pediatrician, cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, etc. and receiving no clear diagnosis or answers, is heart wrenching.  During our first appointment with Dr. Alford, she came in, briefly introduced herself, and asked our daughter (age 15 at the time) to describe her life.  After the first few minutes Dr. Alford looks at my husband and me and says, “I know exactly what’s wrong with her, but keep talking so I don’t miss anything.” Tears fill my eyes as I write this and my heart fills with the same emotions it did that day – relief, joy, anticipation, etc.  We finally had someone who would listen to our concerns and give a correct diagnosis, chronic migraines.  We haven’t looked back since.  Dr. Alford and her sweet nurse, Denise, have become our friends on this journey of regaining control our daughter’s health.” The Price Family    


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