Always love yourself


Don’t be a stranger to yourself


Billy Joel once sang “We all have a face that we hide away forever.  We take it out and show ourselves when everyone has gone.”    I love you, Billy, but I have to ask why?  Why do we hide ourselves from the world?  I get that not every mask or facet of your personality needs to show in every situation but you should never be afraid to be yourself.  Why stress about putting on a show for other people? 

Your true self is always evolving.  It grows and changes as you do.   Your life experiences will shape your values, your opinions, and your passions.  This is what life is.  You grow.  You learn.  However, you should always be true to the core of who you are.  There are a set of values we all live by and those don’t change.  They may bend a little and change shape as we grow but the heart of the matter is always there.  

Let that face, that person, shine into the world.  Not everyone will like what you have to show the world.  Some will hate out of fear.  Some will hate out of jealousy.  Some will hate because you reflect something they hate in themselves.  This is their problem.  You can’t be afraid to be who you are because of someone else’s fears.  Living a life that is not fully representative of who you are is only living half a life.  You are missing out on the joy and rejoicing that you will feel at representing your background.  This is unique to you. There is no one else on this planet who has experienced your journey.  No one else with your set of memories.  No one can fill the role of you in this world.  There is no understudy.  

So, be the best you that you can be.  There is nothing to compare you to since there is no other you.  You can’t be good, bad, better, or worse because there is no meter to judge you with.  You are the first and only you.  Who says it isn’t perfect?  The world needs all of us.  The world needs voices to speak up with different perspectives.  We all bring something to the table. Don’t deprive the world of the wonderful experience that is you.  Be fierce.  Be passionate.  But, above all else please be you.

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